T.S. CLAIRE | Rally Against Cancer


On Christmas 2015, Tina was diagnosed with a #GlioblastomaMultiforme grade 4 tumor which required immediate surgery to stop the swelling of her brain. The tumor triggered severe bouts of nausea, photosensitivity, and chronic migraines. In order to save her life she required a invasive brain surgery to remove a sizable (2-inch x 1-inch) tumor mass which was putting her life in extreme danger.




She will now need extensive treatments to put the cancer in check, but her hospital bills are mounting. Tina will be unable to work during the next year as a result of the time necessary to heal from her surgery. Every dollar earned from her #GoFundMe campaign will be used to pay for her medical bills, housing and food during her time of recovery.


GoFundMe: gofundme.com/tfail

Artwork for sale: tmrwlnd.bigcartel.com
Tumblr: tfail.tumblr.com

Website: tinastclaire.com
Instagram: @tfail

Please support, we desperately need your help and are grateful for any sized contribution.


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