The burnt corpse of Taraneh Mousavi, a 28-year-old woman who was arrested during a demonstration a month ago, was found on July 16th, 2009 between Karaj and Qazvin, west of Tehran.

The regime’s henchmen have threatened Taraneh’s family not to hold a funeral ceremony for her and not to tell anyone the way she was killed.

Taraneh was arrested by the suppressive forces in Tehran’s Shariati Street and was immediately taken to one of many secret torture “safe houses.” Two weeks after her arrest, an unidentified person called her mother and told her that Taraneh’s corpse was in a hospital in Karaj but the hospital authorities denied it. Only one employee at the hospital said that the plainclothes agents brought in a woman with similar description to those of Taraneh while she was unconscious and she was taken away from there in the same state.

via: http://ncr-iran.org/content/view/6789/1/

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